Monday, November 30, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Of Monsters and Men w/ Oh Land - 9.15.15 - Skyline Stage at the Mann

New one for Of Monsters and Men with Oh Land's performance at Skyline Stage @ The Mann in Philadelphia on 9.15.15. 2 colors printed on 18" x 24" white paper by our buds at Abnrml.
Sorry, this print is SOLD OUT

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Alabama Shakes at The Mann - September 17, 2015

New screen print for Alabama Shakes with Drive By Truckers at the Mann in Philadelphia! 3 colors on 18" x 24" white paper. Printed by our partners at Abnrml. We'll have a very small run available this weekend in the store (edit: sorry, SOLD OUT!)

Old Movie Countdown

A long long time ago, we were in a band called the Six O Clock Saints.
During our shows, we projected remixed animations and found movie footage
that matched the tone of our set and we, from time to time, would throw our own
films and shorts into the mix. The classic countdown (or STMPE leader)
was one that we projected at every show for years and we loved it...
until we were hit with a cease and desist.

As it turned out, we discovered that this particular countdown was still owned and
created by Universal Pictures. So using it was a no-no.

So Aljax re-drew and animated every frame and, along the way, changed all of
the static images (or film notes) that occur before the 10-9-8- -  to read
Six O Clock Saints. Now we had our very own countdown to project at our shows.
Mission accomplished.

One of the Saints frames from the beginning.

Here is the scribble (that scrolls upward really fast) tiled together to reveal a surprise.

Then a crazy thing happened, it was uploaded to youtube in 2007 and the vid went
viral (it has over 1 million views). It was downloaded thousands of times and used in hundreds of other folks videos (usually with the end cut out.) Sometimes it was just re-uploaded by other folks as is.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Boombox - Boomtown

The OG color way, this poster represents a few of the mysteries of planet Earth, all while being neatly kept inside the BoomBox sigil. This was how the piece originally looked when it was to be used for their April tour dates:

The next, now being used for 3 dates in July for the band's 2nd annual Boomtown festival:

Monday, August 10, 2015

Faith No More - Skyline Stage athe Mann - August 1st 2015

Up next is Our newest print for Faith No More at the Mann Skyline Stage in Philladelphia on August 1st, 2015 These guys had one HUGE impact on our lives so we are extremely honored to present this very limited edition print. This was available at the show for VIPs and currently on sale from our store 

2 color silkscreen print on 19"x 25" heavy French Gumdrop Green paper. Printed by our friends at Abnrml.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Slightly Stoopid - Summer Tour 2015

New tour poster for Slightly Stoopid's 'Everything Is Awesome' tour! 3 colors on 19" x 25" heavy French Black paper. Signed and numbered edition of 500 sent to the band. We'll have an artist edition of 30 prints available tomorrow. Drop time 5 p.m. EST on 7/17/15 in the store. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Paisley Moon 4:20 Hats

T-bone and Aljax were commissioned by our good friends at Paisley Moon to create a new version of the Space Robot Girl design we had created for them back in '06, to be used for a new promotional hat. We decided on an 8-bit version dominating the city. 

Over half of black hemp shell is an embroidered pixelated version of Reading, PA, with additional patches on top featuring the Robot Girl and Paisley Moon logos. 

The silk inside is a printed pixelated brain, on the brim is are 2 silkscreened eyeballs 

And, the first time seeing our logo embroidered into something, all legit and shit

manufactured by Grassroots California, available at Paisley Moon stores and merch stands

Alternative Movie Posters II release details

Excited to announce that 2 of our posters are featured in Matthew Chojnacki's newest book, Alternative Movie Posters II: More Film Art from the Underground! Coming at ya in November. Follow the link for more details:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hail Hydra!

Hey all! Over 7 months of silence, we've never been busier! We'll be posting a ton of works over the next few days, so let's just start from the beginning shall we?

First, Hydra Artist Studios.
 T-Bone & Aljax collaborated with, built, and share this place with 5 of the most awesomely talented dudes we've ever had the pleasure of not just calling friends, but family. For those who aren't in the RDG area, it's a 10,000+ square foot creative playground with individual workshops for all walks of the arts such as film, design, music, photography, painting... the list goes on. The space also holds a green screen cyclorama studio, a movie theater, performance/ runway stage with VIP room, 2 bars, an arcade, mini golf and an auxiliary gallery/ common area.
We opened our doors on November 14th to an enormously receptive packed house. The pics above  (photo credits Andy Jackson) show the main gallery space, featuring our art and the art of our homies. Performances, corset fashion show, and the vaudeville sideshow on opening night are shown below  (photos credit Bryan Elias) 

Glamtastik on the runway:

Jim Stillianos Freak Show in the auxiliary gallery:

Echoes Talk Back on the main stage:

And 3's Co. holding it down through the event and finishing the evening (well, 4 a.m.)

And finally, the 7 of us together in the freight elevator:

Left to Right - Andy Jackson, Justin Ciemiwicz, Deric Hettinger, T-Bone, Schon Wanner, Aljax, Anthony Mark. 

So much more to come. Stay tuned.