Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hydra Artist Studios - stage mural

You may remember us mentioning to you folks our brother, a few of our friends and we, started an artist community in our hometown of Reading PA called Hydra Artist Studios. Proud to say that our numbers have more than quadrupled since then, and still growing.

Back in March 2018, T-Bone and Aljax, as well as a little help from Anthony Mark and Nikola Eyck, spent 10 long nights painting this massive 12.5' x 20' mural on the back stage wall (the gold pocket doors lead to the band green room, and are the same doors given to us by our friends at Saturday Night Live, used for the Paul Rudd hosted skit, 'What's that Name?')

In our typical screen print fashion (I mean... c'mon) we only used 4 colors for the entire thing. All Hail Hydra!!

The SNL skit, leave the searching to us..

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