Monday, July 11, 2011

VHS or BETA - Diamonds and Death

We were called on once again by VHS OR BETA to visually interpret the sonic structures they have been slaving over for their long awaited full-length release "Diamonds and Death" out on CD, 12" x2 vinyl, and digital download from Krian Records this September, 2011. This is another example of what an amazing collaboration full of plenty of correspondence can accomplish! 

Here is the layout of the 12" vinyl:

The Mp3 download card:

The CD layout:

And finally, the 12 page booklet:

Really sucks to be all of you because you have to wait until September to get this album, but they do have a preview track streaming on their website.. check it out and dream of what light awaits at the end of your otherwise miserable VHS or BETA deprived summer. 

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Anonymous said...

THIS ALBUM IS AWESOME. I have a new found love for VHS and everyone should buy Diamonds and Death to support a band that is truly making good music!!!