Monday, July 11, 2011

Yeah, there's 3 of us...


For those of you that didn't know, 34 years ago Aljax and I shared a cozy little womb with a third twin.. err triplet, Andy. We're in a band together, we moved all over the country together, and we all settled down in good ol' Reading PA together. Aljax and I started T-Bone & Aljax Production and Design wayyy back in '98, while Andy went to school for programming. Then, Andy graduated, and went on to work as VP and Art Director for Hometowne Collectibles. Not happy seeing the companies shrinking staff and shrinking orders, Andy left Hometowne to go back to school... to be a doctor! While Aljax and I are re-designing the world, Andy dives into books and does a TON of homework. But, every now and then, he ventures over into his artistic side and does cool shit. Here he won Kotaku's Photo shop contest on what Nintendo's new Wii U console could do, and we couldn't be more pleased. 

The theme was Weird Science... we did tell you he was our triplet brother... right?

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