Saturday, July 30, 2011

Philly Film and Music Fest - September 22-25, 2011

You should start seeing these crop up all over Philadelphia soon, the official poster / advertising for the Philly F/M Fest. A ton of bands and films will be presented in this four day festival in late September 2011. More information and tix are available @ Here's the one for the Sunday BBQ at the Ukie Club:

Screenprints, T's and hoodies will be available at the festival from us and our good buddies at Abnrml. See ya there!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rush N' Attack

A few years ago we bought an old Rush N' Attack arcade machine that we had planned on restoring. But to our disappointment, the game never had a dedicated cabinet... just some terrible stickers that were less than under-whelming. So we redesigned the entire thing, top to bottom. We slaved over the little details of this, from the illustration style and color palette down to the bad grammar usually apparent on Asian imports of the era .  We wanted it to look as authentic as possible. 

Since then, we've sold the cabinet as well as the art itself to private collectors, and now it's being made into a mini version by craftsman Justin Whitlock of JW customs. You can check out his other cabinets here:

We'll keep you posted

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey everybody,

We've been busy sorting out the best of the best projects, videos, design work and art prints that we have produced over the last 2 years to post and share with you good folks on our first ever web presence outside of a social media site. 

 So take a few minutes, an hour, the whole damn night to check out what we've created. Leave comments, ask us questions, tell your friends and visit us often. 

We'll be in touch


Six O'Clock Saints - Reverb - July 15th 2011

Six O'Clock Saints, The Moxy, Love Automatic, Dear Submarine and Set breaks from our good friends in Aortic Valve at Reverb this Friday!!

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Motionless In White "Creatures" premiere

The finished video. Brace yourselves..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

David Gray - North Charleston performing Arts Center - 7.1.2011

Production company NS2 got in contact with us to produce a commemorative poster for David Gray's performance at the North Charleston performing Arts Center in South Carolina. We decided to resurrect the old-timey style for this particular performance, it just seemed to suit Mr. Gray's persona.  This was an illustration that Aljax had created back in 2005. 

This was a promo-only piece and is not for sale.

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Six O'clock Studios - Motionless in White "Creatures" trailers

A chilling vision of things to come:

"Creatures" out 7.7.11

Six O'Clock Studios - Motionless In White "Creatures" - behind the scenes

We love when Steve Penta brings new bands to the studio to unleash his directorial mastery upon. This time, Steve brought Fearless Records' own Motionless in White to film another music video in the vast space of the seventh floor.

Here are a few production shots that Allen and I shot during the course of the day:

Aljax holding it down from the back:

Joel overseeing his lighting set-up, this man is ALWAYS at attention:

Director Steve Penta:

On set MUA Erin Green:

T-Bone and Megan touring the building:

Video releases 7.7.11

Monday, July 11, 2011

Art On The Avenue

Which Avenue... THE avenue... Penn Avenue... West Reading PA's Penn Avenue... ahh screw it!

Well, here's Aljax and good buddy Brian Rundle cowering under a shitty beach umbrella, the only thing protecting them from the 103 degree heat what beat down upon them. Pictured here set up in front of Vertigo Music, hocking some swag on the street with no name.

Art Machine

Last Year, Aljax and I, along with our fellow Six O'Clock Saints, received a phone call from the lovely Miss Stephanie Simpson asking if we would be the band performing live on stage for the new Doug Karr feature "Art Machine" starring Joesph  Cross (Milk, Running with Scissors) Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl, Piranha 3D) and the always delightful Joey Lauren Adams (Mallrats, Chasing Amy). 

So the next morning, we packed up the crew and the gear, all set for our trip to Brooklyn. A hefty speeding fine later, we arrived to find out out that production was 2 1/2 hours behind schedule, and we were asked if we could come back the next day, which just wasn't possible. So, instead, we all played hipsters partying in the background of this scene.

Here in this recent prodution still, we see Aljax all blurry and blue in the foreground, and T-Bone standing in the background (wearing the yellow baseball cap). Next to Aljax you see Andy's (third triplet's) ear, and the yellow and black striped shoulder next to T-bone is the ever recognizable appendage of Justin Ayala. 

VHS or BETA - Diamonds and Death

We were called on once again by VHS OR BETA to visually interpret the sonic structures they have been slaving over for their long awaited full-length release "Diamonds and Death" out on CD, 12" x2 vinyl, and digital download from Krian Records this September, 2011. This is another example of what an amazing collaboration full of plenty of correspondence can accomplish! 

Here is the layout of the 12" vinyl:

The Mp3 download card:

The CD layout:

And finally, the 12 page booklet:

Really sucks to be all of you because you have to wait until September to get this album, but they do have a preview track streaming on their website.. check it out and dream of what light awaits at the end of your otherwise miserable VHS or BETA deprived summer. 

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Yeah, there's 3 of us...


For those of you that didn't know, 34 years ago Aljax and I shared a cozy little womb with a third twin.. err triplet, Andy. We're in a band together, we moved all over the country together, and we all settled down in good ol' Reading PA together. Aljax and I started T-Bone & Aljax Production and Design wayyy back in '98, while Andy went to school for programming. Then, Andy graduated, and went on to work as VP and Art Director for Hometowne Collectibles. Not happy seeing the companies shrinking staff and shrinking orders, Andy left Hometowne to go back to school... to be a doctor! While Aljax and I are re-designing the world, Andy dives into books and does a TON of homework. But, every now and then, he ventures over into his artistic side and does cool shit. Here he won Kotaku's Photo shop contest on what Nintendo's new Wii U console could do, and we couldn't be more pleased. 

The theme was Weird Science... we did tell you he was our triplet brother... right?

Hocking Posters - First Friday - Reading PA

T-Bone, the June edition of First Friday in Reading PA.

Eagle and the Worm "Good Times" marketing campaign

This is awesome! We replied to a post on gigposters created by Jarrad Brown of Eagle and the Worm (from Melbourne Australia) who was simply looking for some album art for his debut album "Good Times".. which in turn landed us one expansive marketing campaign. 
It was wonderful collaborating with someone on the other side of the globe, and we have to admit, EATW was one of those dream clients. Ya know, the kind that knows EXACTLY what they want, knows the lingo, and knows how to communicate their thoughts exactly as they see it.
Here is the finished CD cover and layout:

The 12" vinyl layout:

Here is the Cover for their single "Too Young":

The Pre-Order poster, signed by the band:

Magazine show advertisements:

Tour Poster:

And finally, Here's Aljax holding up the screen print, printed by our amazing print buddies at Abnrml:

A little nod to us on Australia's  "The Circle".

Great group of guys (and gal)! Last we heard they were blowing up the charts, here's to an unwavering amount of success to these hard-working musicians. Cheers!

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Elvis Costello - Tower Theater - Upper Darby, PA - 5.19.11

Live Nation called upon the talents of the T-Bone & Aljax / Abnrml team to once again do a commemorative art print, this time for the legendary Elvis Costello! 

This 19" x 25" 2 color print was for his Tower Theater performance in Upper Darby, which featured his Spectacular Spinning Songbook, an on-stage gimmick that he hadn't used since the early 80's where audience members would be chosen to spin a giant roulette wheel, and Elvis would have to play the randomly generated song, album, or cover tune. 

Available now in the T-Bone & Aljax store, printed on yellow, purple, pink, cream, and cardboard colored cover stock.

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Wasted remix by SCHLOCK!

Gianluca Licciardi - otherwise known as SCHLOCK! did a sweet remix of Six O'Clock Saints track "Something Sweet" earlier this year.. then he blew us away with this remix he did of our track "Wasted" coupled with this SWEET ASS video you see above, directed by Hilton Carter, Executive Produced by Penn Badgely and starring Heaven Murphy.

Lots of love from Rome, and right back over to ya :)

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group - Theater of the Living Arts - Philadelphia PA - 3.28.11

A two color on French cement green. Used for Live Nation promo only. Sorry, this print is not available for sale.

Queens Of The Stone Age

Three, yes THREE new posters for Queens of the Stone Age!

First up is for their March 19th performance at Workplay in Birmingham AL. 3 colors printed on Black

this next one is for their performance at Center Stage in Atlanta GA. 4 colors on Bright White.

And finally, for their performance at Orange Peel in Asheville NC

All were printed beautifully by our friends at Abnrml. 

A few are still available at the T-Bone & Aljax store!

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Brothers Past - Theater of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA - 3.26.11

For Brothers Past at the TLA in Philadelphia PA. A fine 2 color print that would brighten up anybody's collection.
Printed by Abnrml and available at the T-Bone & Aljax store.

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