Friday, September 29, 2023

Nitro Bar - October 2023 - Admat announcement schedules

We've been creating these ad mats for our friends at Nitro Bar in West Reading, PA for some time now. And, as with anything that sticks around for awhile, sometimes we need to re-assess those designs and give them a fresh new look. The trick is to make the transition so seamless, that it looks like you didn't do anything at all. 

Since it's inception, Nitro Bar has gone from 5-6 performances a month to 17-20 per month. These new announcements allow the information to be scanned over faster and more clearly, with the day of the month being the most prominent. Also, the design is now more reminiscent of the old style jukebox cards from the same era that the building was founded. 

Nitro Bar is open at noon Tues-Sat.

Social media announcement

New postcards that had to be enlarged an inch and half

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