Saturday, July 20, 2019

Slightly Stoopid - Boise, ID & Bonner, MT show posters

So humbled to be asked yet again to create show posters for the one and only, Slightly Stoopid.
It all started with this one sketch and attached concept - 
"Concept:  features Rod and Todd Flanders melting to the Quick e Mart floor after eating Slightly Stoopid brand pix e stix which is advertised on a sign behind their heads. The rest of the info is displayed on various signs behind their heads.."

Skip ahead to the finished 6 color print:

SO... they then asked us to create a show poster out of the miniature Krusty poster inset in the background for the night before in Bonner, MT:
No sweat ;)

And here are the finished printed pieces, Upright Press in Ohio did a killer job printing this 6 color Rod & Todd beast (foil pictured):

And this 4 color one was printed by Masthead Print Studios in Philadelphia:

And here's an animated thing we created from the Rod and Todd save states... easy as 1,2,3

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