Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chromeo - Trocadero - Philadelphia PA - 7.27.10

We were floored when we got the opportunity to do a show poster for one of our new most favorite groups.. Chromeo! Weird Science is one of our all-time favorite flicks, but not the actual version.. we're talking about the televised version they used to show on local network tv... the one where they didn't just bleep out the curse words, they re-dubbed them with terrible voice actors and ridiculous cover-ups... making it 10 times the comedic romp as the original. We were waiting for the chance to incorporate this theme for a show poster, and the parallels between Chromeo and the movie were just too much to pass up.

19" x 25" 3 Colors printed on French Black. Available now at the T-Bone & Aljax store.

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