Thursday, July 25, 2019

Reading Skatepark Association - Skateboard design

Another wonderful thing about living in one of  the most down-trodden cities in the country is the old adage: When you're at the bottom, the only place to go, is up

That's what is happening in our town now, people who truly believe in something and work extra hard for little to no reward are cropping up in every corner. We still have a long way to go, but the best way to get there is to lend a hand when you can

The Reading Skatepark Association, led by some of our very good friends, have been on a non-stop mission for the past several years to bring a public concrete park to our neck of the woods. They do raffles, spaghetti dinners, all day festivals, etc.. some of which we donate art to.

We created this piece some time ago for their skate deck show and auction at the Goggle Works. It was hand painted with acrylic paints, as well as a few florescents.

Titled :Big Biz and the Tasty Treats:

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