Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gloominous Doom Effects work

If you live anywhere near Berks County, and you're in a band that plays out, chances are that you not only know who Frank Fields is, but you're also good friends with him. Frank introduced us to local high school football videographer Dave Causa, who also did some video edits for Frank's band "Anthrophobia". After a successful production at Six O'Clock Studios with Dave and punk rock legends "Common Enemy", we decided to work together again on the Berks County Ska/Metal band Gloominous Doom's video for their track "Portal Potty". Dave directed and edited it, and Aljax did the awesome visual effects, based off of another of our favorite movies growing up, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Even T-Bone appears in the video as good 'ole Honest Abe.

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