Saturday, August 10, 2019

New Mural Series : Nitro Bar

Part one: (The Reading Standard wall)

We set out to make a heavily distressed wall that looked like the inside of a vintage garage. 

The wall started as this, a solid cinder block wall that housed the new stairwell. A real brick facade was built on top of the wall that was sprayed with a matte black acrylic.

First test of the vintage Reading Standard logo in chalk. We erased this and made it larger to imply that it was "found". 

After we finished the logo we began to scratch, hit, slam, kick, and bite our way through what we had just finished painting

At the end of day one,  without much progress using hammers, chisels, and sandpaper, we decided to use a heavy duty paint thinner and angle grinders to finish off the look. Smooth sailing from here...

...the end of day five.

Here's a pic of the crew in front of the finished wall.

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