Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hail Hydra!

Hey all! Over 7 months of silence, we've never been busier! We'll be posting a ton of works over the next few days, so let's just start from the beginning shall we?

First, Hydra Artist Studios.
 T-Bone & Aljax collaborated with, built, and share this place with 5 of the most awesomely talented dudes we've ever had the pleasure of not just calling friends, but family. For those who aren't in the RDG area, it's a 10,000+ square foot creative playground with individual workshops for all walks of the arts such as film, design, music, photography, painting... the list goes on. The space also holds a green screen cyclorama studio, a movie theater, performance/ runway stage with VIP room, 2 bars, an arcade, mini golf and an auxiliary gallery/ common area.
We opened our doors on November 14th to an enormously receptive packed house. The pics above  (photo credits Andy Jackson) show the main gallery space, featuring our art and the art of our homies. Performances, corset fashion show, and the vaudeville sideshow on opening night are shown below  (photos credit Bryan Elias) 

Glamtastik on the runway:

Jim Stillianos Freak Show in the auxiliary gallery:

Echoes Talk Back on the main stage:

And 3's Co. holding it down through the event and finishing the evening (well, 4 a.m.)

And finally, the 7 of us together in the freight elevator:

Left to Right - Andy Jackson, Justin Ciemiwicz, Deric Hettinger, T-Bone, Schon Wanner, Aljax, Anthony Mark. 

So much more to come. Stay tuned. 

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