Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mega Man 2

Mega man's battle against the gutsdozer in the Wiley world at the end of Mega Man 2. This massive 120" x 40" giclee canvas split print was a private commission for the video game store "Complete in box" in Ephrata PA. It was a ton of fun to make and our first professional collaboration with Arm-length interviews co-creator, Andy Jackson. 

We LOVED this game as
kids and decided it would be cool to re-imagine this scene and render it to reflect the way it impacted us when it first boiled our eyeballs. Sprites were always tiny little things in most earlier video games, so, when this guy came rolling out, it was the most exciting thing we've ever seen up to that point.

This guy is a weakling by today's VG standards 
(he can be beaten with the correct weapon in a matter of seconds) but nonetheless the nostalgia stays the same and this game will always hold a special place for us. 

The top 2 pics are detail shots with the completed canvas hanging in the store at the bottom.

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