Monday, August 8, 2011

Lotus - Summer Dance 2011 - NLQP - August 26th & 27th

Just finished  Lotus's promo poster for their 4th annual Summer Dance at Nelson Ledges in Garetsville Ohio. Lotus asked us for a visual representation of the good memories from playtime outdoors in the summer. This 4 color 19" x 25" piece is printed by Abnrml and will be available in an edition of 100 at the fest or from us after the fest.

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Red0206 said...

Hello I was Wondering if you still had any of these posters for sale.. and if you did how do i buy one of these thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would also very much like one of these posters. How much $? It is such a fantastic print.

T-bone & Aljax Illustration, Production, and Design

The artist run sale of Lotus's Sold out Summer Dance poster starts tomorrow (Saturday, September 3rd) at 5pm. Only 18 available. First 18 requests including mailing address sent to will receive further instructions. Due to the high demand of these prints, there will be no holds or reserves. Prints are priced at $30 plus shipping or local pickup. Prints will start shipping Tuesday, September 6th.

Good luck!

amanda said...

Was wondering if you had any print left... Email me thanks! Amanda