Wednesday, July 31, 2019

You Can't Do That On Television - remaking the opening

T-Bone set out to re-create the animation for You Can't Do That On Television's intro. The problem was, the show only existed in the old 4:3 format, so, in order to exist in High Definition, every detail (including backgrounds) had to be redrawn, and every character had to be re-shot and edited, and a few details needed to be added to fill the frame.

Here is the final clip:

Here's a few behind the scenes pics from the shoot: 

Side by side showing the original pic and the final edited frame:

A full shot of the redrawn conveyor belt scene:

Side by side of the final shot:

David Byrne - St Vincent - process

Here's a quickie little animation made from the save states while we were developing this poster for David Byrne & St Vincent:

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Reading Skatepark Association - Skateboard design

Another wonderful thing about living in one of  the most down-trodden cities in the country is the old adage: When you're at the bottom, the only place to go, is up

That's what is happening in our town now, people who truly believe in something and work extra hard for little to no reward are cropping up in every corner. We still have a long way to go, but the best way to get there is to lend a hand when you can

The Reading Skatepark Association, led by some of our very good friends, have been on a non-stop mission for the past several years to bring a public concrete park to our neck of the woods. They do raffles, spaghetti dinners, all day festivals, etc.. some of which we donate art to.

We created this piece some time ago for their skate deck show and auction at the Goggle Works. It was hand painted with acrylic paints, as well as a few florescents.

Titled :Big Biz and the Tasty Treats:

Saturday, July 20, 2019

T-Bone & Aljax - Series 1 Sticker Packs!

Super excited to announce that we have stickers! The 1st series (yes, there will be more) is available in a very limited numbered run of 50 packs

Each pack has all 5 stickers available inside, plus a stick of extra soft bubble gum! 

But don't worry, we have some loose ones available as well, in regular and jumbo sizes.

Slightly Stoopid - Boise, ID & Bonner, MT show posters

So humbled to be asked yet again to create show posters for the one and only, Slightly Stoopid.
It all started with this one sketch and attached concept - 
"Concept:  features Rod and Todd Flanders melting to the Quick e Mart floor after eating Slightly Stoopid brand pix e stix which is advertised on a sign behind their heads. The rest of the info is displayed on various signs behind their heads.."

Skip ahead to the finished 6 color print:

SO... they then asked us to create a show poster out of the miniature Krusty poster inset in the background for the night before in Bonner, MT:
No sweat ;)

And here are the finished printed pieces, Upright Press in Ohio did a killer job printing this 6 color Rod & Todd beast (foil pictured):

And this 4 color one was printed by Masthead Print Studios in Philadelphia:

And here's an animated thing we created from the Rod and Todd save states... easy as 1,2,3

Some old logos

Back in 2009, we created this logo sheet to showcase a few of our logos.. that was 10 years ago!!

It's always good to reflect and see how much you've grown

So here it is, a grouping of logos from our designing past, here's to hoping we don't wait another 10 years to show what we've been doing since then.

Hydra Artist Studios - stage mural

You may remember us mentioning to you folks our brother, a few of our friends and we, started an artist community in our hometown of Reading PA called Hydra Artist Studios. Proud to say that our numbers have more than quadrupled since then, and still growing.

Back in March 2018, T-Bone and Aljax, as well as a little help from Anthony Mark and Nikola Eyck, spent 10 long nights painting this massive 12.5' x 20' mural on the back stage wall (the gold pocket doors lead to the band green room, and are the same doors given to us by our friends at Saturday Night Live, used for the Paul Rudd hosted skit, 'What's that Name?')

In our typical screen print fashion (I mean... c'mon) we only used 4 colors for the entire thing. All Hail Hydra!!

The SNL skit, leave the searching to us..

Sunday, July 14, 2019

SanCo - Branding and marketing

Wanted to shout out to our good buddy Mike Santarelli of SanCo Sound and Light for allowing us the opportunity to rebrand his soaring Sound and Light business. We were quite pleased with the outcome of this one.