Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ween - Millennium Center - Winston Salem, NC - 4-7-2011

Boys Club, talking 'bout boys club. This really has no real lure what with the spiky teeth, the green drool, and terrible smell... but, .. can't ... resist... naked lady...

25" x 15" 3 color printed on black card stock by our good friends at Abnrml

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I mean... HOT DAMN!!

This 4 color on pink piece for Hot Chip is still available from our store, click the link to get yours!

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Six O'Clock Saints music video

We're in a band too.
It's called Six O'Clock Saints.
We like the friends who hooked us up with this sweet video.

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Brothers Past - Theater of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA - New Years Eve 09

For BP's New Years bash we present: The New Year's machine! Follow the little baby up the 12 months of the year until he's an old man at the top. Then jump inside while you churn, process and spit out a fresh piece of worthless flesh that will always be lesser than the year which preceded it.

25" x 19" silver ink printed on brick red paper.

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Gingham - The Brass Lantern - December 26th 2009

It's Gingham! Ya know.. GINGHAM!! The local band that's fronted by our good friend Jon Pretz, also co-cowner of Abnrml.

Well known fact: This is the image that was appropriated for Asian bootleg wallets which were sold to a few LA boutiques last year . If anyone has one of these wallets, we'll trade ya for the real print!

Seriously.. we want one!

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Jackson Browne - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium - 11-12-09

Outback Concerts contacted us to create this commemorative poster for Jackson Browne's performance at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville NC. This was actually the last poster of ours that was set up for digital print, the screen print has since taken over and now resides within us..

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Benevento / Russo Duo - The Note - West Chester, PA

From our good friend Rahzzah -

  "well owl be damned..that's beautiful!............................................................didja..didja catch the subtle play on words I did there?'s right at the beginning of the message.. like the second word in...go ahead and take a moment to go back and look...I'll wait.....there didja see it!?..I know I know, I almost missed it the first time too....well thank you that's nice of you to say...whaaat?..noooo..sure I'm funny but come on, "funniest guy you know"?..really?..ok ok I wont argue with you about it..I'll just take the compliment...but under protest..okay you kids have a good night....owl talk to you later..OH MY GOD! I DID IT AGAIN!!!..two in one message!?..who can live at this speed!?!...ok I agree with you..I am the funniest guy you know...."

Yep! That pretty much sums it up :)

19" x 25" two colors on wine red paper... and the yellow glows in the dark.

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Brothers Past - The Bowery - New York NY 9-26-09

 25" x 19" 4 color printed on jellybean green paper. Check out the little details such as the skeletal hand posing as a rose stem. The green in the background disappears in certain light, almost to the same effect as a spot varnish. Some of these are still available at the T-Bone and Aljax store. 

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What does she want?

REVENGE! Sweet sweet revenge, too bad no one told her that the piece of wife beating crap that's passed out on the chair has rights, and murder is frowned on here in the good ol' U.S.of A.

Ah well, she'll have the rest of her life to think about it while trading cigarettes and working on her core.

19" x 25" 3 color on black

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When Abnrml approached us and asked who they should try to contact to do posters for, our immediate and simultaneous response was WEEN!

And holy crap, they got em!

This roughly 14" x 25" limited run of only 80 prints was sold out at the show before the band hit the stage. 4 colors printed on French cream cordtone, for that authentic storybook look.

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American Babies - Weight of the World

Our cohorts over at Abnrml once again brought Tommy Hamilton of Brother's Past to the T-Bone & Aljax camp to cook up this cover sleeve package for his side project American Babies. The cover is of a picture of Tommy's Brother. 

The Cover/Backcover:

The Disc:

Available now

Brothers Past - Big F'n Boat Cruise - 5.23.09


This was for BP's annual Big F'n Boat Cruise out of New York City. A 3 color beut printed on French paper.  Pregnant ants need to get down too. Luckily, these little fellas found a ship to ferry their special partying skull across the puddle, and the good times commence!

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InnerPartySystem/ Six O Clock Saints poster

Wow has it been two years already? This little two-parter poster set marked the first venture of the T-Bone & Aljax / Abnrml teamup. A six color beast printed on black. A very small print run of close to 25 each of these were produced.

 They display Jack and Rexella Van Impe, a couple of "end of the world" barking televangelists who lure the viewer into their creepy hypnotic-psychotic glares.

The poster design itself was an homage to the figures of authority on the enormous screens in George Orwells 1984 film by Michael Radford... complete with a captive sheep audience.


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Anthrophobia - Ultrasound

This is one of our first layouts for local hardcore rockers Anthrophobia, for their final album release titled "Ultrasound" (Check out the band on the cover panel to the left... that's a BIG speaker!)

Inside Booklet layout:

traycard back cover:

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What? posters?

Hi Everyone!
We're the Jackson brothers, Tony & Allen Jackson (T-bone & Aljaxx; or sometimes Aljax) to be Exact (?)
Well thats about as exact as it gets, but we promise there will be no more confusion from here on out. :)
Feel better now?... Good!

Ok so here goes.
We're going to upload all of our Illustrations, gigposters, album covers and other cool stuff for all of you lovely people to take a peek at.

love T-bone & Aljax